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We at World of Bear and of course being business owners, have made a conscious decision to do our bit for the environment and in doing so, the world around us.

In looking in detail into the materials used by us, we have discovered that plastic, although now a part of everyday life, for want of a better word, is quite toxic to the natural environment and waters into which it ends up. It is even responsible for the demise of marine life and those that depend upon it for food. The pollution it creates, results in this devastation, so we are looking into reuse and recycle, to try and break this down.

In fact we are aiming to reuse and recycle where possible, whilst using renewable resources and technology to ensure that we do our bit.

" We will recycle 100% of the plastic packaging and waste, by using a local weekly collection service, that is from a locally licensed facility.
" We will recycle 100% of the cardboard that we receive from our deliveries, by using the services of local licensed recycling facilities.
" For our mail order service, we use recycled cardboard boxes and recycled plastic bags, in the hope that our customers recognise our efforts and continue this on.
" We will discourage the use of additional and unnecessary packaging, simply by not offering it.
" We currently offer paper bags to our instore customers and if requested, plastic bags are available for 20p, which we intend to continue.

As for Electricity, 100% of our energy is only generated from renewable sources. We minimise the use of electricity through low wattage bulbs, automatic switches, and use air heat source pumps for heating and cooling.

Lastly, but not least, we are endeavouring to reduce and are committed to reducing, our water consumption. We have begun to do this by using the appropriate technologies now available for the reduction of water use and sewer services.