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Wilberry Toys

With a Design Team at Wilberry Toys in North Hertfordshire, they strive to consistently inspire and charm you with their soft toy ranges, by using gorgeously soft and tactile quality plushes in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles at wonderfully competitive prices.

You can even download a Birth Certificate for your new purchase. Simply go to Wilberry Toys located at the bottom of the page under information, is where you will find a link for a birth certificate, you can then chose the design you like.

  • Wilberry Toys Latest Arrivals

    For the most recently designed new cuddlies or most captivating animal seek them out here.

  • Wilberry Toys Minis

    Wilberry Toy Mini's are delightful handfuls of charm, depicting the wild or domestic animal or bird of your choice.
  • Wilberry Toys Knitted

    Their knitted touch reminds us of when our Granny, Mum or Auntie would knit one for us as a gift.
  • Wilberry Toys Eco Cuddlies

    Wonderfully enticing characters, crafted from recycled materials with their hearts on your child's future.