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Steiff 355455 Dreamworks Shrek Puss n Boots Limited Edition+

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Who could resist him in the Dreamworks animation Shrek 2, with his feather plumed hat held in his paws and those larger than life, emotive feline eyes? Yes it's our favourite red tabby - Puss in Boots, bought to life by the outstanding German maker, Steiff.

Their relationship didn't get off to the best of starts, but once befriended, Puss becomes a loyal ally, companion and partner to both Shrek and Donkey, assisting them on their quest to obtain a potion, that can turn both Shrek and his beloved Fiona, from trolls back into humans.

Puss in Boots is a 26cm / 10" anthropomorphic cat, with a turn-able head and attire. He has been sewn from two luxurious short pile mohairs - a striped pale auburn with cream accents, black defined, green split pupil eyes, a charming moulded nose and long acrylic whiskers, whilst delicately applied hand shading and painting has been used to define and shape his charismatic character. Now for his costume, a large rimmed, black wool felt cavalier hat, with a vibrant yellow, feather plume, a faux leather, buckled belt to keep his highly detailed rapier sword close by and just below the knee, faux leather, wide turn-back cuff boots. Magical!

"I too was concocting this very same plan, already our minds are becoming one!" Puss in Boots (Shrek 2)

This outspoken and comical feline is a Dreamworks and Steiff Collaboration of just 1,500 pieces and will come to you boxed, with his numbered certificate of authenticity.
Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy