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Steiff 006241 Holly Mouse Limited Edition

Our Price: 129.00

So proud to have a sprig of holly complete with berries, is our darling Holly Mouse. She continues Steiff's series of seasonal mice holding their associated flower or bloom. She follows in the dainty pawprints of Lizzy (apple blossom) and Lucy (poinsettia) both 2017 and Lena (snowdrop) 2018.

With shining baubles and twinkling lights there is just one thing missing for Holly Mouse … a must-have sprig of holly. She is thrilled to have found the final piece to her festivities!

Holly Mouse is 11cm tall and fully jointed. She has been sewn from two decadently sumptuous alpacas in nutmeg and cream, with matching hued wool felt paws and ears. She has glossy wee eyes, and the most kissable twee nose amidst her long acrylic whiskers, whilst her long tail trails behind her. In her paw, she holds with such delight … her most wanted find … a sprig of dark green holly leaves with a trio of red berries, expertly crafted in wool felt.

This hand sized sweetheart is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 1,500 pieces and will come to you boxed with her numbered certificate of authenticity.

Collect singularly, as a set, as a pair, or whatever way you choose, as these petite mice are utterly charming.

Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy