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Steiff Rupert Bear

In 1920 artist Mary Toutel was responsible for bringing Rupert Bear to the Daily Express. He was an anthropomorphic bear, who along with his anthropomorphic friends Algy Pug, Podgy Pig, Bill Badger and Edward Elephant, resided in the magical realm of Nutwood. He quickly won the nation's hearts, so when Mary retired in 1935, Alfred Bestall knew he had to give it his all, by expanding story lines and plots. Even during WWII, when there was a paper shortage, Rupert was still published, as it was believed that his absence would cause a mighty demise in morale.

Steiff have fabulously managed to bring Rupert and friends to life, to the point of creating him as both a brown bear (which he original was, until 1973 when to save money on his published annual, he was left white, like the page) and the white bear, that we have long associated with him.