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Robin Rive Boshi Red Panda Limited Edition

Our Price: *149.00

From the award winning New Zealand Teddy Bear Artist Robin Rive, we introduce a celebratory commemorative piece, honoring the birth of Himalayan Red Panda Cubs at Auckland Zoo in 2002, with an Award Nominee for the same year. It's Boshi the Red Panda, a collectable limited edition, artist teddy bear.

Boshi is a 28 cm / 11", fully jointed red panda. He has been sewn from three luxuriously dense and wavy, long-pile mohair in golden auburn, black and cream, ensuring he has his stripy tail, plus smooth dark taupe paws, with his right sole featuring a facsimile of the Robin Rive logo and her signature, whilst overly-large glossy black eyes, with a hand stitched, black nose, highlighted in cream upon his carefully trimmed muzzle, brings appeal. To finish he comes with swing tags, including his numbered certificate of authenticity.

This adorable 'hug' is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 300 pieces.

Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy