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PetJes World

Petjes Worlds Ltd, is a Danish company that was started by two brothers Peter and Jes Byskov (PetJes) in 2007. They are responsible for producing, a wide and varied range of whats known as, souvenir pieces, that can be readily purchased through zoos, museums or amusement parks. They aim for great quality products, with a fabulous selection of choice, at highly attractive and affordable prices. Their goal is to be the goto manufacturers of these goods and now, they are at World of Bears!
  • PetJes Dinosaurs

    From the small Salamander, to the Iguana and right along through to the T-Rex, these prehistorics are full of colour, patterns, stripes and scales ... along with ferocious teeth.
  • PetJes Wild Animals

    From Bunny to Gibbon, Cheetah to Meerkat, and Giraffe to Poison Dart Frog, they are all residing here in Petjes Wild Animals.
  • PetJes Monkeys

    Here are the long limbed, mischievious monkeys - all with velcro paws, in various colours (some especially for the girls) and sizes. There are even those with extendable limbs ... check them out!!

  • PetJes Wild Sea

    Here you will find not only inhabitants of water, but those that reside by it. From Crocs to Pirhanas, Powder Blue Tangs to Otters and not forgetting the many sized Sharks and Orcas plus more ...
  • PetJes Girly

    The most popular animals of the moment in that gotta-have pink hue!!
  • PetJes Key Rings

    Add some personality and individuality to your keys or bags.
  • PetJes Puzzles

    A favourite pastime now enhanced with superb, 3D wildlife pictures.