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Peanuts - Snoopy

Published on October 4th 1950, cartoonist Charles M. Schulz bought the world of Peanuts, straight to us. He introduced us to characters that would stand the test of time, appearing in comics, books and cartoons. In 2015 The Peanuts Movie was released, welcoming in a new generation, of besotted followers.

The stories are based around the differing array of characters, with Charlie Brown (The Round-Headed Boy), taking the lead, with his kennel roof residing, beagle - Snoopy.

Let's see how many of the characters you remember ...

Charlie Brown - the main character, referred to by Snoopy as - the round-headed kid, who hardly ever wins.
Snoopy - The loyal and imaginative beagle, owner by Charlie Brown.
Woodstock - The diminutive yellow bird and Snoopy's best friend.
Belle - Snoopy's sister.
Lucy - Older sister of Linus, who hates dog germs.
Peppermint Patty - A definite tom boy and friend to Charlie Brown.
Sally - Younger sister to Charlie Brown, who has a major crush on Linus.
Linus - Charlie Browns blanket carrying best friend and younger brother to Lucy.
These and more to choose from …