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Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a Canadian CGI animation created by Keith Chapman. It first aired in 2013 and has gained a stronger fan base every year so far.

Paw Patrol tells the story of Ryder, a 10yr old boy who trains a team of puppies to become the Paw Patrol. Each Puppy has a service that they are responsible for, which comes into play for their necessary event or rescue. The Paw Patrol are called upon for cliff rescues, fires, troubles at sea, urgent repairs and so on.

Aimed at toddlers up, the popularity of the Pups continues to grow, with certain specialities becoming firm favourites.

The Paw Patrol Team Consists of
No 1 Ryder - Leader
No 2 Chase - Police
No 3 Marshall - Fire
No 4 Skye - Search & Rescue
No 5 Rocky - Recycles to Fix Broken Items
No 6 Rubble - Construction & Urgent Repairs
No 7 Zuma - Water Rescue

The team continues to grow, with new members appearing as and when, their speciality is required.

At present, we have all of the above seven named pups to help you with your calamities …