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Mr Bean

The slapstick comedy - Mr Bean, was first broadcast on New Years Day 1990 and introduced us to the simple, yet somehow madcap life of the eccentric loner, who turned his life into chaotic mayhem.

Since then, Mr Bean has continued to thrive, even being developed into film and animation, introducing more characters along the way, who become totally exasperated with him ... and all this without him uttering too many words.

For the 25th Anniversary, Rowan Atkinson aka the writer and actor behind Mr Bean, drove his infamous lime green mini, complete with padlock doors in front of Buckingham Palace ... he is after all a national, if not international bumbling treasure!

Accompanying him through life, is his much loved and dare I say abused, confidante, best friend and partner in crime ... Teddy. After all he has been kidnapped, used as a paintbrush & used as a dishcloth ... poor, poor Teddy!