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What's in a name? Like Corgi, more than you would think. It appears that Jack Odell (who just so happened to be the co-founder of Matchbox), co-founded Lledo in 1982. Have you spotted anything yet? Yes Lledo is Odell spelt backwards. It was something Jack learnt in the war (mnemonic) and he wanted to make the new company memorable.

Production in Enfield, England lasted for 16 years, whilst the remaining eight saw manufacture in China. The plan was to replicate the earlier Matchbox styles, especially the Yesteryear Collection. Lledo relaunched it as Days Gone and continued with their promotional range with slight variations of colour and paint design for businesses.

In 1999 Lledo sadly had to call it a day, as bankruptcy loomed, Matchbox were sold both the model range and naming rights, with the models becoming a part of the Classic Corgi Range. You could say, that Odell had gone full circle with Lledo.