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Kosen Teddy Bears

These wonderful Kosen plush and mohair bears and animals, are made from top quality fabrics and materials. Kosen pride themselves on the level of craftmanship that has gone into each piece, ensuring that each animal has the most realistic look, alongside its truelife counterpart.
Detail is a must for facial design, and the artisans at Kosen use their individual talents, in creating each piece of art, with the help of embroidery and hand applied airbrushing alongside delicate painting.

Time and great care is taken over every Kosen piece. Some are created from as many as 70 individual pieces and elements, being lovingly completed by hand. The high quality and standards of these gorgeous creations, means that you are receiving a truly special, cuddly toy animal, that surpasses all those before them.

  • Kosen Birds

    If it is the feathered variety of friend you after, check out Kosen's wonderful Aviary.
  • Kosen Cats and Dogs

    For warm lap 'feline' snuggles to man's best friend at your feet, find your easy-care new pet here.
  • Kosen Insects

    For those creepy crawlies with long limbs, fluttering wings and a splash of colour that don't bite!
  • Kosen Arctic

    Wonderful depictions of those that reside in the colder climates, be it on land or sea or both.
  • Kosen Pets

    Here you will discover those that we now readily find residing in our homes and in our hearts, as companions, friends and family.
  • Kosen Farm Animals

    Not just for the animals that dwell on our farms, but for those that inhabit the land, hedges and woods surrounding it.
  • Kosen Rodents

    Here is where you will find the wispy tailed vermin that reside alongside us in the cities and close to us out in the wild.
  • Kosen River

    Pretty streams, lakes and ponds are home to not only fish, but a surprising amount of wildlife too.
  • Kosen In the Wild

    For animals located around the world, on the desert plains, in the snowy mountains and dense woodland.

  • Kosen Mohair and Alpaca

    Just as delectable and detailed as their plush counterparts, Kosen's mohair pieces take it to another level.
  • Kosen Retired and Sold Out

    True gems no longer available as retired or sold out.

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