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Keel Toys

Keel Toys is now a third generation family business, with four brothers as directors. It began in 1947, aiming more towards the working man's market, opposed to Steiff's luxury items. This strategy has served them well, as they continue to bloom not just in the UK, but Europe too. Overtime their products have developed in design and fabric, resulting now in an impressive 500 lines amongst 20 ranges. Choose from a fabulous Baby Safe selection for infants, detailed Puppy Breeds, wonderful likenesses to Wild Animals found through-out the world, such as the Big Cats, Koalas, Primates, Owls, Penguins and Woodland Folk not forgetting their cuddlesome teds!

Keel Toys has always been known for their beautiful soft toys and consistency of manufacture.
"We feel that all our toys blend our dedication to quality and value, with cutting edge design, creating a mix of familiar favourites and exciting new soft toy creations!"

  • Keel Toys Latest Arrivals

    Here you will discover the most recent new additions and designs to this popular cuddly toy brand.
  • Keel Toys Teddy Bears

    Gorgeously tactile friends, with that forever, unforgettable charm.
  • Keel Toys Pets

    For pets other than kitties and pups look here.
  • Keel Toys On the Ice

    The home of those that wander in the snowy climes, or float upon ice drifts.

  • Keel Toys Farm

    Find farm yard pals, as well as the accompanying wildlife.
  • Keel Toys Wild animals

    The home of those who live on the plains or in the jungle.
  • Keel Toys In the Sea

    For complete water dwellers and those that use the water to hunt and travel.
  • Keel Toys Dogs

    A fantastic assortment of dog breeds and other household companions.
  • Keel Toys Cats

    For delectable lap cats and kitties, choose your purrfect companion here.

  • Keel Toys Pippins

    Perfect little collectables at pocket money prices

  • Keel Toys Baby

    From their new Eco Range, we introduce more wonderful designed, recycled baby-soft products that are helping to protect the environment.
  • Keel Toys Eco Range

    Beautiful new creations that are 100% crafted from recycled materials, giving a second chance of purpose.