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Jellycat design, high quality plush animals, stuffed toys and bears, in what can only be described, as innovative and on trend. With fans ranging from birth to the established adult, who will have nothing less!

At World of Bears, we have a large ranges of JellyCat Stuffed Toys and we invite you to browse through our range of not only beautifully crafted, but imaginatively named JellyCat Stuffed Toys with Jellycat Bashful Bunny being one of our favourites.

We also stock a great Little Jellycat Baby range.

One thing you can be sure of is that JellyCat will definitely become a firm favourite, and a must-have!
  • Jellycat Latest Arrivals

    All the latest releases, introducing lovable new characters and eyecatching designs, in Jellycats reknown and fabulous, rainbow of tactile plushes!
  • Jellycat Skandoodles

    Contemporary lithe limbed characters, sewn from a mix of alternative fabrics
  • Jellycat Jelly Winter

    Introducing those that are festively dressed, hiding amongst a plethera, of those from chillier climes.

  • Jellycat Prancing Ponies

    Every little girls dream … a pony of their own, winning rosettes at every turn.
  • Jellycat Posy

    Handsized floral dressed Posy's
  • Jellycat Dainty

    Search here for fetlocked Dainty's.
  • Jellycat Hugo

    Here is the charasmatic Hugo Hare.

  • Jellycat Quangle and Elly

    A new sensation ... not corduroy and not bashful smooth, but something inbetween.
  • Jellycat Sweetie and Fluffles

    Here we have the gorgeously, warm and tactile Sweeties, plus with velvety, ruffled manes, the Fluffles
  • Jellycat Blossom Bashfuls

    What could enhance a Bashful? Why, beautiful floral print for their ears and paws.
  • Jellycat Dapples and Smudges

    For crazily patterned plush and skip stitched features, look for the new Dapples and Smudges.

  • Jellycat Cordy Roy

    If it's vibrant & crazy block colours you want for you new cuddly friends, then take a look at one of the more creative ranges.
  • Jellycat Teddy Bears

    A fabulous selection of best, the much loved teddy bear.
  • Jellycat Snagglebaggles

    If you like your plush all mixed up, for that eye and sensory overload, check out these fantastical beasts.
  • Jellycat Shells and Scales

    Wanting to have fun with prehistoric Dinos and their descendents Lizards, Crocs and Gators? ... then dive right in!

  • Jellycat Bashfuls Animals

    One of most popular and successful ranges, features beautiful silky soft, cuddlies in many shapes and forms of animal.
  • Jellycat Bashful Bunny

    Bashful Bunny is what you associate with JellyCat. Their most popular character, wonderfully tactile with silky smooth ears, and bags of appeal and charm.
  • Jellycat Cats and Dogs

    Look here for the most wanted plush canines and silk soft felines.
  • Jellycat Truffles

    Wonderful snugly characters that double up as pillows and cushions!
  • Jellycat Fuddlewuddles

    These fabulous seated friends are always ready for a snuggle, and with their wavy textured plush, are just perfect for a cuddle.
  • Jellycat Forest Folk

    Here amidst the woodland dwellers, you will find, foxes, badgers, deer, owls, bunnies and more ...

  • Jellycat Rumplekin

    Whats a Rumplekin? I hear you ask ... well, you will know, if you wish to check us out!
  • Jellycat Slackajacks

    With a warm, tactile feel, plus wrap around limbs, you will find your most wanted here ... Slackajacks!
  • Jellycat Wild Things

    Here is the home of Olaf Orangutan, Cyril Sloth and Mattie Monkey, as well as the long limbed 'Wild Things'
  • Jellycat Mumble

    With triangular, trumpet shaped limbs and an almost scruffy, silky soft plush, we welcome the Mumbles.
  • Jellycat Merrydays

    The original, long limbed lovelies, as popular as they ever were, thanks to their silky soft fur.
  • Jellycat Pocket Pals

    For a fabulous handful of characterful charm, look no further than these cute pocket sized lovelies.
  • Jellycat Dressed to impress

    All your favourites adorned with bows to onesies, tutus to jumpers!
  • Jellycat Dancing Darcey

    With dainty hued tutu's and ribbon tied ballet slippers, these lovelies are ready to dance.
  • Jellycat Colourful & Quirky

    Bold styles with vibrant colours and alternative wacky looks.
  • Jellycat Toothy

    It is all about that beaming, wide mouthed grin, surrounded in an abundance of tactile colour.
  • Jellycat Mad Menagerie

    Choose from a flurry of feathers, or exagerated designer plush!
  • Jellycat Jellycat Retired

    Previous ranges of Jellycat now retired