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Hansa toys was established in 1972 with 'Toys that Teach', before venturing in to the 'Plush World' in 1989. Today they are based in the Philippines and strive to create animals that are exceptionally life-like, whilst at the same time, keeping them as a child's soft toy.

Hansa are always improving their materials and look of their animals by using the best, often custom-designed fabrics. Whilst the realistic designs are portrayed by their very skilful craftspeople and technicians, who too, are very passionate about animals, with materials carefully chosen to be as close as possible, to that of the wild or domesticated animal, bird or fish regardless.

Much attention to detail is given to every animal, by hand. Each animal is hand-trimmed some with more distinctive hand shading and painting to create form, blend and definition that cannot be reproduced by machine.

Hansa are also famous for their life size animals too, some have been used on film sets, theatre, media displays and photo shoots all over the world. Some of these animals are also designed to be sat upon or ridden by children and adults.
  • Hansa Latest Arrivals

    Here you will find the latest new arrivals in all their life-like glory, from both domestic to wild animals. Which one will inspire you?
  • Hansa Animal Puppets

    Here you can physically bring to life the wild and domestic animals around us.
  • Hansa Dinosaur Puppets

    Imagine strolling with the dinosaurs of the past, whilst making them alive again.
  • Hansa On the Farm

    Hansas wonderful array of farm animals native to any farm worldwide, including their respective wildlife.
  • Hansa Insects

    They're small, crawl, jump and fly in wonderful visible colour and decoration - it's insects
  • Hansa Wild Cats

    Hansas realistic collection of the worlds big and not so big, fabulous wild cats.
  • Hansa In the Sea

    A fantastic range of wildlife found on or near the shoreline, from the puffin to the walrus designed by Hansa.
  • Hansa In the wild

    Wild animals found native to any particular country can be found here in all their glory, designed by Hansa.
  • Hansa Bears

    A beautiful collection of the worlds most popular big bears, in keeping with the Hansa tradition.
  • Hansa On the Ice

    Those native to cold, snowy climates can be found here, as well as floating on any iceberg! - more lifelike Hansa designs.
  • Hansa River

    Universally animals flocke by the river whether its just to drink and frolic or its home, featuring fantastic Hansa creations.
  • Hansa Woodland

    Hansa creations that are not only typically found in the English countryside but more globally too!

  • Hansa Birds

    This Hansa bird range will have your feathers all aquiver, ranging from the extinct Dodo to the American Eagle.
  • Hansa Cats

    For the most perfect feline in your life, just add your lap!
  • Hansa Dogs

    BIg ones or little ones, we have mans best friend right here, loyally waiting.
  • Hansa Pets

    For those smaller, alternative pets such as the exotic lizards and spiders, to the wee rodents.
  • Hansa Dragons and Dinosaurs

    Wonderful Hansa fantasy designs of mystical creatures from fact and fiction, including the Sabre-toothed Tiger to a Baby Dragon