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Die-Cast Models

Here you can discover designers such as Matchbox adding famous race cars brands alongside vintage, product labelled delivery trucks, plus horse drawn carriages and classic cars of yesteryear.

  • New Arrivals

    The latest constructions to us, from your favourite designers in all their collectible glory.
  • Corgi

    In the 1930's pressed metal toys were popular, which inspired the Mettoy Company of Northampton, England to introduce their own boxed toys in 1956 under the name Corgi.
  • Lledo

    Lledo ran for a mere 23 years making their Days Gone and promotional lines, which really went well for them, with early production in England, before manufacture in China.

  • MatchBox

    Founded in 1953 by Lesney Products, a British die-casting company, Matchbox was born. Over the years they have faced bankruptcy and have even been bought and sold, yet the name remains and still has great meaning for collectors.
  • Buses & Trams

    With these as a popular mode of transport for those dwelling in towns or cities, promotional advertising of brands from whisky to national and local newspapers, seemed the ideal leap, whilst giving the bus companies another income.
  • Cars

    Magical renditions of fancy sport cars and elegant vintage models of yesteryear, including names like Bugatti and Ferrari, you can't afford to miss.
  • Fire Engines

    Were you aware that not all fire engines were or are, the classic scarlet hue we long associate with the life-saving emergency vehicle?
  • Trucks

    Here you can locate many trucks, tankers and vans that are associated with moving and delivering, the various products or services that is advertised upon the vehicles sides.
  • Model T-Ford

    With endearing nicknames such as 'Tin Lizzie', 'Flivver' and 'Leaping Lena', is it not surprising that it was used for both personal and commercial use?
  • Planes

    The first plane that was suitable and safe enough for human passengers, was invented by the famous Wright Bros in 1903. It was this success that led onto growth and development during WW1 and WW2
  • Steam

    In the very early 1900's commercial haulage had developed from using horses and engine tractors to steam run wagons and trucks, with a new name adding to the mix, Steam Lorry.
  • Coach & Horses

    Did you know that the first carriage / coach, was bought to this country from France by the 19th Earl of Arundel - Henry Fitzalan in the 1560's? It was …
  • Vans

    Vans have been used in some form or another, for centuries, yet yesteryears, along with today's van, still advertise their trade or manufacturer upon its sides.
  • Industrial

    Here you will find special use vehicles that have to have trained personnel operate them, some are strictly off-road, whilst others can be regular road users.
  • Drinks Brands

    Branding has been pictured on delivery and transport vehicles as a form of free advertising for centuries, lets look at those dedicated to beverages.