Teddy Bears
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Founded in Sweden in 1990 by Barbara Bukowski, this family owned business has earned customers worldwide. Barbara designs her unique, much coveted, bunnies and teddy bears using only new, non-recycled materials. The plush itself is exceptional, whilst clever use of bean bags, add that magical, unforgettable touch.

Barbara, who originally found inspiration through Margarete Steiff, aswell as vintage English designs, now gains inspiration from those around her, taking characteristics' and applying them to her plush medium. From crafting for her own two sons, to designing the fabulous creations you find yourself gifting to others, Bukowski Design AB continues to grow and inspire.

  • Bukowski Latest arrivals

    The newest, fabulous designs that have reached our shelves

  • Bukowski Cutest Rabbits

    These baby bunnies have the cutest faces and fluffy ears.
  • Bukowski Pets

    Fluffy little balls of fun with whiskers.
  • Bukowski Farm

    If you go down to the woods today you might find a baby hedgehog or an owl.
  • Bukowski Wild

    Not just cuddly animals, but pretty teds in disguise can be found here.
  • Bukowski Occasions

    What better gift to give on that special day than a bride or groom bear.
  • Bukowski Gifts

    A beautiful bear canvas of an original bear painting to add to your collection or a gift bag to give away.
  • Bukowski Retired

    Gorgeous creations that are now retired, paving the way for new pieces to sit on our shelves.